2005 (Design Proposal) | Dublin, Ireland

Twisted Tower

A ‘deep wall’ concept within the perimeter zone of a glazed, twisted tower façade was developed for a high-rise residential tower in Dublin to give literal and implied depth and transparency.

Working with BCDH Architects, this tower was submitted for an international competition to design a focal building for the redevelopment of Dublin’s dockland area. The proposal combines high-rise residential apartments (untypical in Ireland until then) with new penthouse recording studios for U2.

Because the twist of the tower produced very small out-of-plane warping within individual glazing panels, C | L proposed warped cold-bent double-glazed units in combination with opaque and translucent areas of glazing or metal panelling. The ‘deep wall’ strategy for the perimeter zone of the building provides storage, ducting and insulation possibilities and usable wall space internally. A two-sided pattern within the external glazed pane in combination with a semi-reflective inner surface provides a shifting Moiré pattern when viewed from the outside in opaque panels and solar shading in transparent panels.

Renderings by BCDH

Renderings by BCDH

TwistedTower_Alt 02

TwistedTower_Alt 03

Rendering by BCDH

Rendering by BCDH


Docklands, Dublin, Ireland

Lead Design

Carpenter | Lowings


Dublin Docklands Development Authority, Dublin, Ireland


BCDH – Dublin, Ireland
(Building Architects)
ARUP Façade Engineering,
London, UK
(Façade Engineer)


(Design Proposal)