2005-2008 | London, UK

Transition Screens

The Transition Screens are used at the two boundaries between the landsideand airside areas in Terminal 5 at Heathrow International Airport.

On either side of the landside boundary passage and waiting area these screens mask concealed security staff who can monitor passengers without being seen themselves. They simultaneously screen the security staff within a darker space and provide a dynamic but subtle colour shift as passengers cross the landside to airside threshold. This is achieved using wall panels made up of double-glazed units with a semi-reflective glass on the inner side and a laminated glass with a double-sided coloured interlayer on the outside.

The double-sided pattern of vertical fine stripes is continuously white on the public side. Each of the 27 panels has an individual colour on the back, based on a soft gradient moving from orange at the landside to blue on the airside. When passing the viewer sees vertical white stripes and between them the reflection of their coloured back in a one-way mirror behind. A moiré pattern of vertical bars appears to float beyond the white stripes and to change colour as visitors pass by.

Images: Fisher Hart

Terminal 5, Lowings Carpenter

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Terminal 5,
Heathrow International Airport
London, UK

Lead Design

Carpenter | Lowings


Heathrow Airport Holdings, UK


Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners,
London, UK
(Building Architects)
Adams Kara Taylor,
London, UK
(Structural Engineer Building)


2005 - 2008