1999 – 2002 | Bonn, Germany

Moire Tower

The conventional views of the surrounding landscape are layered with their own reflections as well as the optical pixelating effect created by the grid patterns on the glass of the Moiré Stair Tower.

The new Deutsche Post headquarters was designed by Murphy Jahn Architects as a signature building for the German Post Office, signifying its shift from national enterprise to a global service corporation. Located along the Rhine River in Bonn, the new headquarters is divided into two distinct elements: the 240m-high office tower and the three storey base building with a grid shell roof.

A stair tower was designed for the vertical circulation of the base building that focused on the relationship of the stair to the river and adjoining park, creating a stair that acts as a viewing platform.

Almost every element of the stair tower is glass, including the etched laminated glass treads and landings. The laminated glass wall panels contain a rectangular pattern, which is 100% mirror facing out and bright blue facing in. From outside, the effect of a vast field of small, equally-spaced mirrors pixelates the landscape and sky.

On the landing between levels are two viewing balconies that offer unmediated views out, one facing the river, the other facing the Deutsche Post Tower.

At night, lights illuminate the two platforms and the stair‘s translucent glass treads, transforming the tower into a blue glowing lantern visible from the Rhine and the surrounding landscape.







Deutsche Post Tower, Bonn, Germany

Lead Design



Deutsche Post, Germany


Murphy Jahn Architects,
Berlin, Germany
(Building Architect)
Sobek Ingenieure,
Stuttgart, Germany
(Structural Engineer)
Stuttgart, Germany
(Energy Consultant)


1999 – 2002