2011 (Design Proposal) | London, UK

Light – Water – Screens

The Light – Water – Screens façade is an artwork evocative of light on rippling water, that primarily addresses a public courtyard, enhancing the experience of daylight within, while simultaneously providing solar shading to the office space and acting as visual privacy screening.

Reflections on the surface of water pick up light from different parts of the sky and landscape. The screens’ varied angles and triangular panels reflect different parts of the sky in contrast with the relatively dark reflection of the north-facing façade of the building opposite, creating a flickering, shimmering veil.

The folding in the screens allows the upward-facing elements to reflect the light, colour and movement of the sky. An applied vertical pattern of reflective coating enhances this and simultaneously acts as a sun-shade. The downward-facing elements are transparent and provide an unobstructed view downwards into the courtyard below.

As the angle of the glass nears vertical towards the top, the panels of glass that fit within the depth available get larger, producing an interesting variation in scale.

Renderings: The Neighbourhood





Image: The Neighbourhood


Arundel Great Court, London, UK

Lead Design

Carpenter | Lowings


Land Securities, London, UK


Wilkinson Eyre Architects,
London, UK
(Building Architect)
Eckersley O’Callaghan Structural Design,
London, UK
(Structural Engineers Artwork)
Speirs & Major,
London, UK
(Lighting Consultant)


2011 (Design Proposal)