2003 – 2006 | Tokyo, Japan

Gucci Ginza

The Gucci building is a refined prismatic tower wrapped in unique rolled glass that interacts with the sun through refraction and reflection.

The façade design for the new seven-storey Gucci flagship store in Tokyo’s vibrant Ginza district is clad in an elegant and shimmering envelope of vertical panels of prismatic glass which emphasises the slenderness of the building plan.

The double-skin façade consists of a luminous screen wall of custom roller-pattern prismatic glass which weaves in and out of a crystalline layer of clear low-iron glass. The screen is suspended by a series of stainless steel and bronze rods, floating off the building’s exterior envelope.

The custom roller-pattern glass skin, designed specifically for Gucci, forms the signature expression of the building. The prismatic quality of the patterned glass becomes a vehicle for natural and
artificial light. The active and optically responsive surface transforms the façade into a dynamic and ephemeral plane of light.

The concept design has been employed on other Gucci stores across the world. All are unique designs with a unifying concept but only Gucci Ginza included the entire building. The rest were the base of the building or storefront; Gucci Sakae, Nagoya, Japan; Gucci Hong Kong, China; Gucci Beijing, China; Gucci Shanghai, China; Gucci Singapore; Gucci 5th Avenue, New York City, USA.






Harumi Street, Tokyo, Japan

Lead Design



Obayashi Corporation – Tokyo, Japan (Executive Architect)


Obayashi Corporation,
Tokyo, Japan
(Executive Architect)
Kilt Planing Office,
Kawasaki, Japan
(Structural Engineer)


2003 – 2006