2012 (Design Proposal) | London, UK

Fluid Glass

The Fluid Glass installation was to be the first architectural-scale structure ever constructed from this type of ultra-thin glass. The form celebrates the material and reflects the serpentine convolutions of the River Thames.

The Fluid Glass sculpture was proposed for the London Design Festival and demonstrates the unique qualities of the ultra-thin glass produced by Corning® using the fusion process.

The glass is bent into tight curves using an innovative process that shapes the glass without traditional high-temperature softening, thereby preserving its surface quality. This sleek, twisted surface captures the flexibility and paradoxical nature of the glass: its beguiling apparent delicacy combined with an extraordinary toughness.

Visually the wall plays with the reflections and transparency offered by the curved surface: from one side the surface is tilted up reflecting the ever-changing daylight conditions in the London sky, while from the other side the wall reflects the darker surface of the ground, making it more transparent than might be expected.

Rendering (above): Picture Plane


Rendering (right): Picture Plane

Rendering (right): Picture Plane

Rendering: Picture Plane

Rendering: Picture Plane


Somerset House, London; Proposal for the London Design Festival 2012

Lead Design

Carpenter | Lowings


Corning, USA


Eckersley O’Callaghan – London, UK
(Structural Engineer)


2012 (Design Proposal)