2005 – 2006 | London, UK

Anamorphic Façade Paddington Basin

The proposed façade works with two specific perspectival views to draw the viewer into a visual dialogue with the orthogonal order of the architectural facades.

The proposal uses the surfaces of the external glass fins across the facades. A two dimensional abstract pattern is overlaid on the three dimensional perspectival view of the buildings, so that the pattern is only perceivable as a complete and ordered image from specific viewpoints within the public space of the development. The light falling on the west-facing facades of these buildings is intense and the design uses colour and reflectivity within the fins to create patterns and a dynamic display. In addition, the fins also perform their intended solar shading function.

One pattern each is perceivable from either end of the Paddington Basin Piazza, also relating to the two-sided and semi-transparent nature of the glass fins.

Rendering (above): Miller Hare

Rendering (right): Miller Hare

Rendering: Miller Hare


Merchant Square,
Paddington Basin,
London, UK

Lead Design



The Paddington Development Corporation Ltd.,
London, UK


Perkins & Will Architects
London, UK
(Building Architect)


2005 – 2006
(Design Proposal)