Carpenter | Lowings Architecture & Design approaches every project as a unique challenge. 

Projects can be delivered in various ways: smaller installations can be directly commissioned and can be undertaken as design/build projects; with larger projects C | L acts as an integrated member of a larger design team, either as a design consultant or as architect. C | L works regularly with trusted and experienced engineers, lighting designers, materials specialists and fabricators, and can assemble and lead teams of specialists and fabricators to respond to specific situations.

C | L examines a challenge from all sides and redefines it in terms that result in a unique and inventive proposition.

The design process remains consistent: a stage-by-stage, collaborative approach.

C | L initiates the design of a project through consultation, either directly with the client or with the lead consultant and by defining a specific scope. This leads to a unified aesthetic and structural concept in response to the physical context, budget and timescale. After agreement of the fundamentals, the concept is refined and elaborated with other members of the design team: engineers, fabricators and materials specialists, while constantly referring back to initial client needs. The studio develops the project through to detail design and monitors the production and installation, in parallel with the design team, as a constant refinement and expression of the initial concept.


Renderings, study models, full-scale mock-ups of components and prototypes may all form part of the development of a project. The attention to detail that this design process implies is carried through to the built work based on a thorough knowledge of the limitations of current fabrication and construction techniques and an understanding of the capacities of installers.

C | L believes that the concept and the physical manifestation should be a coherent whole; that the experience of a piece of work and the process of its making should be connected; that the material and the immaterial are part of the same story.