Architecture & Design

We continue to believe that light, structure and material can be brought together to heighten the awareness of a specific site, space or time. This individual perception, as part of a shared human experience, can create a sense of delight and wonder, strengthening a sense of connection to our surroundings.

Our approach seems newly relevant in a world where the value of working in harmony with the natural world is becoming more obvious by the day; the fundamentals of a good life and the civic environment seem more precious and clearer than ever.  We have always prioritised the human experience of the phenomena of daylight, and thereby tried to re-connect the individual and the wider public to the daily, seasonal and annual cycles of our common natural context, and the need for such connection now seems more urgent than ever, especially in an urban setting.

As ever, we hope to help clients and collaborators (developers, architects, engineers, contractors, and individuals) realise their aspirations across the full range of projects from buildings and specialist façade design, to sculptural and public realm interventions that manifest the presence of daylight. We welcome speculative enquiries: our forte is synthesising a solution that isn’t yet fully formed in the mind of the client; it is often enough as a starting point for a dialogue, to simply identify a potential area of collaboration.

Selected works